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Bulgaria and Its Startup Drone Companies

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This small country in Eastern Europe has an IT sector that is booming. With over 900 information and communication technology (ICT) companies taking advantage of its high speed internet and it has around 6000 computer sciences students graduating every year – it has become one of the best places to outsource your IT department.

When you have a combination of good programmers and loads of foreign investments coming into the IT sectors (Software, Hardware, Service, etc) it’s no surprise when a lot of exciting new hi-tech companies choose Bulgaria as the place to start their business. And wherever there are technological innovations being developed – you are bound to see drones in the mix.

Another thing that makes Bulgaria an attractive location is it’s laws – or lack of them. Like most EU countries it is yet to implement any regulation in the use of UAVs. So here are some of the interesting startups working in the country and defining the industry:


A five-man team that created a Software development kit that enables Android developers to create mobile applications for controlling drones. Flyver SDK is part of Flyver’s technology which consists of programming framework and a marketplace for monetising the apps as well. All you need is Android Studio, Flyver SDK (get it at Github), and your development skills of course. You can easily create apps which put a drone in some of its unlimited number of uses. The device could be much more than a remote-controlled toy. It’s up to your imagination. A flying drone can do whatever you tell it and your app is the language.

Flyver is aimed at the technically proficient early adopters. Software developers, engineering enthusiasts, DIY fans and geeks who are excited by the prospect of developing drones for their own personal use or for a wider audience will all have the chance to do so using Flyver technology. Drone apps will happen… en mass. The annual market growth and the number of new uses for drones all point to this explosion being imminent. Empowering developers with the right tools to develop, community to interact with and marketplace to publish will trigger the drone app revolution.


The market for drones has seen considerable growth, as well as the rest of Europe, but so far there haven’t been any attempts to tap the market.


Although some TV stations and film studios have invested in drones for photography, none of their other uses have been adopted. Drone Systems is the brainchild of a team participating in Junior Achievements StartUp Program as well as the Start It Smart | Pre-Accelerator. It’s the first company to utilize the potential of UAVs in Bulgaria with the help of their partners – Flyver. They are pioneering in advertising with drones and will soon expand into 3D modelling and photography. DroneSystems.org also has a gig on fiverr,where you can have your message flown on a banner in a location of your choice people are really trying and succeeding in making some extra cash from their RC drones.

Drones in Bulgarian Air space

Tourism is huge in Bulgaria, and it sees lot of British citizens attracted to beach and ski resorts. Here’s some information for those of you who plan to visit Bulgaria.

At the moment, while there have been a few minor accidents involving drones, there are no specific regulations regarding where and how you fly. A pilot of a RC quadcopter must basically follow the same rules as a pilot of a jet plane, here are some guidelines you should follow:

keep out of restricted air spaces (airports, military bases and some government buildings)

while it is perfectly ok to take photos while flying you must ask permission before filming private or government property.

don’t fly too high (above 1000 meters)

always keep an eye on your drone – if it crash lands somewhere and someone else finds it, you probably won’t see it ever again

this is a no brainer, but perhaps it’s worth mentioning – don’t crash into people

It’s highly unlikely you would have any trouble from law enforcement if you fly sensibly, but keep in mind if you do break a law you might be forced to pay a fine from 1000 to 5000 euro.

Do you have a drone and want to make money from it? If you do contact DroneSystems.org and become part of their affiliate program. They are also hiring Software Engineers with experience in Java and/or robotics – send your CV at info@dronesystems.org.

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