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Anybody can fly a Drone with an iPhone?

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An ex Google employee called Adam Bry is now the CEO of Skydio, a company that is right on the edge of technology when it comes to all things drone related.

While at Google, Adam was involved in a top secret project called “Project Wing,” which was a research initiate funded by Google on the subject of drones. When you also take into account that Adam was a remote controlled airplane enthusiast as a kid, and he even won titles at national aerial acrobatics competitions around the country, then its easy to see why forming his very own drone company was such a natural step.

So what is the main aim of Skydio in the drone marketplace? Well, according to Adam, he wants to develop systems that make flying drones super easy and available to anyone. Imagine getting out your iPhone or any other smartphone, opening an app and then start controlling your drone simply by flicking the screen and then watching the live stream directly on your phone.

It would be possible for someone to operate a drone without even needing to go outside, all from the comfort of their armchair and with a phone in their hand.

It is this kind of vision that has led to $3 million dollars worth of investment to be pumped into Skydio over the last few months, and many financial experts are predicting that this is only the start, and in no time at all Skydio and similar companies could be multi-million dollars companies with huge investments coming from the top companies.

At the end of the day, the drone industry is going to be massive in 10 years time. There are so many different uses and applications for drones, that in actual fact, selling to members of the general public will end up being one of the smallest drone markets, especially when you consider that drones can be used in farming, real estate, deliveries, rescue operations, government activitiesthe list goes on and on.

However, as of right now drone use in the USA is still minimal, due mainly to the fact that federal regulations have got a grip round the industry which has left many people confused. Will drones eventually be legally allowed into US airspace, or will this be an issue that drags on for years to come? Only time will tell.

Countries such as the UK are more relaxed on the issue of drones, and as long as people fly them sensibly and according to UK drone laws, then it seems that flying drones could become a big activity among thousands of people.

Ultimately though, it only takes one incident for tougher regulations to be sanctioned, and with news of a drone nearly coming into contact with a passenger plane near Heathrow airport last year, it isnt beyond the realms of possibility that the Civil Aviation Authority could soon take action.

No matter what happens in the world of drones, its always exciting to see new innovations get attention, and with people like Adam Bry and his company Skydio always looking for breakthroughs, its safe to say that drones will move forward significantly in a short amount of time.


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