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A Beginners Guide to Drones

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Drones have been in the news a lot recently and millions of people around the world have become interested in the subject.

Maybe you have heard about the possibility of Amazon delivering packages with drones? Perhaps you have seen some drone videos on YouTube and would like to buy a drone from Amazon? Or you might even have witnessed videos of the now famous MQ-9 Reaper, a military drone that is capable of flying many miles with the sole goal of dropping bombs and destroying enemies?

Whatever your interest in the subject, you are sure to enjoy the beginners guide to drones below. Lets get to it

What is a drone?

In a nutshell, a drone is nothing more than an aircraft that is radio controlled. What separates it from an ordinary remote controlled airplane is the fact that a drone can do extra jobs such as take photographs, record video of a location, take weather information, and yeseven drop bombs.

Who uses drones?

Obviously, the military use drones such as the MQ-9 and these kind of drones are not available for the general public to buy. However, with a drone you can buy from Amazon, most people use these models to simply have fun, take part in a drone race, take photographs and video shots as a hobby, or simply to improve their remote controlled flying skills.

Some professions also use drones, such as the police to “spy” on potential bad guys, farmers for crop dusting, and the government for aerial photography of certain areas.

Is it legal to own a drone in the UK?

Many drone beginners are wondering if it is actually legal to own a drone? Fortunately, you will pleased to hear that it is perfectly legal to own a drone, although there are certain rules you have to follow as outlined by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) if you dont want to get into trouble with the law.

For example, you must not fly a drone at more than 400ft in the air (in the UK), and if it is fitted with a camera then you should keep it 50 metres or more away from any building, person, or structure. For people that intend to use a drone for commercial purposes a special license must be applied for and granted from the CAA.

How much should I spend on a drone?

The amount of money you spend on a drone really depends on what you intend to use it for and your level of experience. If you are a complete beginner who just wants to fly it in a local field then going for one of the cheaper options is recommended.

You can buy a cheap drone for around a couple of hundred pounds on a site like Amazon, although if you want a model with more features expect to pay closer to £1000, or even more.

The best place to buy a drone?

As the popularity of drones increase in the UK, there are quite a few websites you are able to buy drones from.

For most consumers, the obvious choice is Amazon because they are trustworthy and typically offer the cheapest prices. Not only that, but you are also covered by a generous money back guarantee and can take advantage of fast and free delivery to anywhere in the UK.


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